Just 50 $320,000 Hublot MP-05 watches will be offered, blogs Howard Walker. 
If you’re interested in just telling the time, use the money to buy a 
new 458 and a Swatch!
The dilemma for each of the 499 loyal Ferrari Tifosi lucky enough to have their name on the order form of the new $1.2-million LaFerrari Supercar, is going to be picking the perfect accessories. Somehow I think a set of logo’d car mats, a LaFerrari baseball cap or Pep Boys seat covers aren’t going to cut it!

So how thoughtful of the Swiss watchmaker Hublot to come to the rescue with its quite remarkable new Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari watch. This is definitely not your average chronograph. No, like
the LaFerrari, the MP-05 is more a display of how much advanced technology you can squeeze into
a small space. A very small space.

So the MP features no fewer than 11 barrels arranged in a line just like the discs in a spinal column. You wind it up using a mini version of a Black & Decker drill that then provides a 50-day power reserve. You only need to wind it once every seven weeks.

Hublot says the movement, which was designed and engineered entirely in-house, features no fewer than 637 components – more than any other movement Hublot has ever created.
The only teeny-weeny problem I can envisage with this wonderment of watchmaking is, er, actually telling the time! The hour and minutes are actually shown on the barrels on
the right and are pretty miniscule. 

Look closely at these photos and you’ll see the time it’s showing is 10.05. The second’s display is just under the Hublot logo. Alas, a stopwatch function – which would be cool to have with your 950-horsepower gas-electric hybrid LaFerrari – is sadly not an option. Neither is day or date. But who needs such frippery when you have the coolest-looking piece of wrist candy on the planet?

The complex-shaped sapphire crystal is supposedly reminiscent of the LaFerrari’s gorgeous outline, while the case is made from tough-yet-light black PVD titanium. And Hublot hopes you like your straps to be rubber, because that’s all there is.

While Ferrari plans to build just 499 LaFerraris – each one sold before the car’s world debut at the recent Geneva Auto Show  – Hublot will only build 50 numbered MP-05s. Which means only one in ten LaFerrari owners will get this ‘companion’ watch. I can see fisticuffs outside the Hublot offices as we speak!

But there is that small detail of pricing. Like all very top-end luxury goods makers with a limited-run product, Hublot is declining to disclose the sticker. If you have to ask…. But the buzz in the industry is that’s it’s somewhere in the region of $320,000.

Hideously expensive, yes. But as a wrist-mounted statement of LaFerrari ownership? Priceless!

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