2013 BMW Z4 sDRIVE 28i: HOT DOG!

‘I’ve got an almost mustard-yellow BMW Z4 Roadster, and everyone seems to want to catch up with me,’ says Dan Scanlan.

  But whether it was the color - officially Citrus Yellow – or the shape or the hardtop convertible on it that tagged everyone’s interest was a question we would ponder during our weeklong test of the smallest BMW. This being prime top-down season in Florida, we had plenty of miles of sweeping interstates, winding saltmarsh roads and oceanfront lanes to drive the BMW Z4...
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Dan Scanlan test drives Infiniti’s G37 Sport, a GT coupe for those who need a  road rocket with a back seat. For a six-year-old human, the whole world is just opening up for them – an interesting yet daunting place to explore, but you are sure you are ready for it at that age. If you are a six-year-old dog, half your now middle-aged life is over, but there’s still some life left in Fido. But if you are a six-year-old car design, well, that’s almost ancient these days. So then  wh...
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‘An Extraordinary Supercar that takes the fight to the best in the world,’ says CAR magazine’s Ben Barry after driving the latest from Horacio Pagani. The Huayra, made from more than 4,000 components, engine and gearbox not included, comes from the fertile mind of the man who rocked the Supercar world with his Zonda. Project name C9, the Huayra concept was born in 2003, the same year that Pagani introduced the Zonda S Roadster. With an active suspension in the front, there are four flaps t...
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