Our friends at Wild About Cars blog about Gene Horn’s Ram-Air Oldsmobile that has all the goodies available from the factory.
In 1967, Oldsmobile built 24,833 Cutlass models with 4-4-2 badging, including approximately 500 with race-engineered W-30 Ram-Air induction. (NHRA data for 1967 W-30 Olds shows 502 units.) The Ram-Air cars are immediately recognizable by the front-end headlight area intake scoops, connected to hoses in the engine compartment that bring cool fresh air to the single Quadrajet four-barrel via the unique W-30 air cleaner.

When ordering a new 4-4-2 with W-30 Ram-Air in 1967, you could also order an option that wasn’t heavily promoted: A trunk-mounted battery. This option placed the battery over the right rear tire, improving traction. Gene Horn’s 4-4-2 was almost immediately converted when new for drag racing by its original owner, including installing a dual-quad 425-inch Olds in place the 400-incher. It has since gone through a number of iterations and now looks and runs like a picture-perfect W-30 Cutlass 4-4-2 powered by a single-four-barrel 400-incher.

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