You never know what you might see when you go to the New York International Auto Show, the country’s oldest show. It opened today!

 When I first saw the ETV it instantly reminded me of Woody Allen’s hilarious 1973 futuristic Sci-Fi comedy, Sleeper. It looked like it would have been right at home parked outside one of the Orgasmatron (sex-replacement) booths! But the ETV, the brainchild of Mike Vetter, is actually a fully functional vehicle that can be registered and driven on the road.

Owned by William Bogginao, the ETV displayed at the New York Auto Show was built on a 2006 Chevy Aveo platform and is powered by a four-cylinder engine mated to a three-sped automatic transmission. Mike Vetter has built ETVs on a variety of Chevy platforms, replacing stock steel bodies with lighter fiberglass creations. Vetter runs The Car Factory, a prototype-concept-custom-car building shop, in Micco, FL

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