Jim Koscs has been digging into the history of the unique 1973-‘78 GMC Motorhome. Thousands are still on the road, taking their owners on adventures in 
far-flung corners of the globe.
More than four decades after its introduction, the GMC Motorhome boasts a cult-like global following with devoted owners in far-flung corners of the planet. Such single-marque devotion, commonplace for classic cars, is something of an oddity for RVs. Owners call themselves “GMCers” and take their classic machines on the road for weeks or months at a time.

General Motors broke new ground when it launched its sensational Motorhome for 1973. Its engineering and construction were innovative for an industry that typically built wood-framed boxes for commercial-truck chassis. The design was no less revolutionary and introduced aerodynamics to a vehicle class where most vehicles were shaped like barns.

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